Welcome to sundance

At Sundance we believe that beauty is in the details. From the subtlety of the taste balance in a classic orange juice to creative and exotic collaborations with top chefs and bartenders, it is this uncompromising approach to creating the best and building customer trust that has solidified our place on menus across London for over 10 years.
In 2003, Patrick Hofmann and Sonmi Kim built a partnership after discovering a locally produced apple juice that tasted like nothing they had tried before. Identifying an opportunity for superior quality juices and smoothies, Sundance began to produce our own range of products that met this exacting standard of taste. Noted bartenders and chefs soon took notice, helping to build a client list championed by the tastemakers within the best establishments in London.
Sundance has become known as an expert in both sourcing and innovation. Building relationships with hand-picked farms, we carefully curate the fruits and vegetables that we use.
Today Sundance balances continued growth in the hospitality industry with an ever-expanding retail offering. We are proud to bring you our extensive collection of deliciously refreshing and 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, fruit tea infusions and purees.

Mission and Ethos

Our mission is to challenge the norm in the juice industry. We’ve redesigned the processes and raised the standards - from sourcing premium fruits and vegetables, to developing a unique just-in-time production process. Uncompromising quality, freshness, and taste are at the core of what we do, and our vertically integrated operation means we can ensure the highest standard of excellence from sourcing to delivery. One of Sundance’s biggest challenges is to act sustainably without making our products inaccessibly priced.  It’s a fact that the fruit industry – by necessity – uses an enormous amount of packaging to safely transport delicate and highly perishable products around the world. To offset this, at Sundance, we avoid adding to landfill almost completely by recycling all our cardboard, paper and plastic waste. Even our organic waste is collected and distributed as animal feed to farms around London. Where possible, Sundance sources from UK farms in order to support local produce and reduce our carbon footprint.

Sundance at a glance

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