Welcome to SunDance

The events of Brexit the past three year and now Covid-19 have thrown us all into uncertainty, especially Small to Medium Enterprises “SMEs”. To get on top of the situation and help our community, Sundance is creating an online home delivery platform. Whether you usually supply the service industry or are a high-street vendor, we’re opening up our delivery capabilities to independent businesses to come together in one place, and offer home delivery instead. We hope taking a collaborative approach creates a solution to business uncertainty, and also eases the panic buying that’s creating shortages and making the vulnerable more vulnerable.  

Sundance has provided London’s hotels and restaurants with the highest-quality produce since 2003, earning a reputation for excellence. It’s with this track record in mind that we’re getting in touch with you. You won’t pay to be on the platform, we just want to extend our network to help keep things moving, likeminded independent businesses open and people employed, so we can all keep doing what we do best. 

How will it work? 

We’re inviting select independent suppliers of fresh meat, fish, cheese, dairy and dried goods to add their goods to our home delivery offering. Then Sundance will simply deliver the same high standard expected of us, but with a broader range of products, direct to people’s homes. We’ll continue to handle the delivery side, while you provide your produce and spread the word.  

We can pick up from anywhere within the M25, and most suppliers can also deliver to us in New Covent Garden if you’re beyond that. We hope that when this is up and running we can start hubs in the Midlands and North too. 

We’ll delivery within three days after an order is placed to ensure our logistics are pitch-perfect, and customers can pick a 2 hour delivery slot. We’ll be setting up a quicker, priority service for key workers. 

It’s a time to support each other and take the lead, and to get our great produce to the people that most need it. 



If you’d like to know more, get in touch.  

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