Our process

Sundance started with just one juice, but over the years we’ve expanded the range to over 200 drinks and counting. Every new juice starts with an idea - a spark from within our team or from a client for a new flavour. Once we have a basic concept in place, we start a series of trials to figure out the best production method. From ensuring we use the ideal machine for each fruit and vegetable and stay on top of the latest technology such as Cold Press, to perfecting the ratio of flavours in our mixed creations, our development process is finalised with an internal taste test at the head office where the founders hold it to the highest standards.

Our flavour creation is a pioneering new ideas and reacting to the demands of the London marketplace. We listen to our clients – over 1000 chefs, bar tenders and retailers to understand what their customers are asking for and where the market is going - staying on the pulse of London’s taste preferences.

Once the flavour development is complete, we work with our suppliers to ensure a yearly supply. As most produce doesn’t grow year-round in one region, we make it our business to know where produce is at it’s best throughout the year. Our watermelon juice might be Sicilian in July and Brazilian in December. This also means knowing which varieties and growing regions work best together as a mixture. For example in July, South African oranges are a bit sour and Uruguayans tend to be sweet, so a marriage of both will be spot on. Although we strive for consistency, truly fresh products will inevitably have variations in colour and flavour. We taste the juice every day to make sure it’s just right – a tradition at Sundance for over ten years..


We are always experimenting with new concoctions to find the next, delicious creation to tantalize the taste buds - our juices are a collection of classics as well as exciting new flavours.

Of course, we make exceptional Orange and Apple juice, but we love to celebrate the seasons, by creating delicious and unique varieties. In winter that might be blood orange juice, while in summer you could be sipping on a refreshing mix of red berries, lychee, and mint. We have the expertise to juice just about anything – from basil leaves to quince. As always, our juices are100% fresh with no concentrates or preservatives.


At Sundance we rely on our taste buds to tell us when our smoothies are scrumptious enough. Creating the perfect smoothie is a commination of both flavours and textures. We use our expertise in juicing to create a smooth consistency - using banana, peach, avocado or specialty blends. Our smoothies are just like the one’s you make at home - expertly blended to bring out the fullest fruit and vegetable flavour.

Fruit infused iced tea

Our fresh fruit tea infusions contain only the highest-quality tea, sourced from the likes of the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall (the only tea estate in Britain), the hills of Fujian in China, and the wild Cederberg mountains of South Africa. We use the whole leaf to ensure a robust and full-bodied flavour, after which we carefully blend our freshly pressed fruit juices and leave them to infuse, for a taste that’s unmistakably Sundance.


Sundance purees are renowned in the London cocktail scene for their quality and versatility. We offer a wide range of purees that includes popular flavours like mango and strawberry alongside more exotic products such as pumpkin and custard apple. Prepared in-house or through the help of two partner companies with specialised machinery, our moreish purees let the fruit shine at its ripest and tastiest.

Beyond beverages

Our expertise in sourcing and finding the best produce has allowed us to help our clients beyond our beverage selection. We enjoy the challenge of sourcing the strangest and most exotic requests. From fruit and vegetables no one in the UK has ever heard of to show-stopping flower garnish, if it’s edible, chances are that not only can we find it - can supply the highest quality using the best form of storage and transportation.

Sundance also provides the less exotic but essential prepared produce. From fruit salads to pre chopped fresh ingredients for easy assembly, our business has evolved to help our clients provide the best possible quality and efficiency.

Sundance can provide more than fresh produce. Our expertise in sourcing means we can find that unique dairy product or the highest quality quinoa. Our understanding of the hospitality industry makes us the perfect partner – just ask our sales team and we will make sure you have everything that you need.