21 / 01 / 2019

2019 New Changes

Over the past several months, there have been rising global concerns on the Environmental Impact of Climate Change, Air Pollution and single use plastic and what we can do to tackle this.  Alongside the Environmental Issues which are effecting all industries, Companies operating in the UK have been under greater pressure due to Geo-political & Economic instabilities brought on by Brexit especially the Hospitality sector.


We have been working diligently to address how we as a Company can be more Environmentally friendly, stabilize the Brexit effect whilst maintaining a higher level of service to our clients.   To do our part in achieving greater sustainability and lowering our Environmental Impact, Sundance will be working in conjunction with our clients over the coming week to address the following:


  • Air Pollution and Congestion.  In order to reduce our Carbon Footprint, a minimum order of £20 will need to be implemented alongside a 5 day delivery week versus 6 days to help reduce air pollutions and congestion on the Greater London roads.   Sundance has met all of the legislative requirements of moving onto Euro 6 vehicles for our logistics and is working to get ahead of new regulations which will be imposed on businesses with the increasing number of reports being published about the negative health effects Air Pollution is having on us.    With a minimum order in place, clients will also be doing their part to minimise air pollution and congestion by having deliveries 2-3 times per week versus 5-6 days per week.   This will be effective as of January, 2019.


  • Single use plastic.  Sundance has always used recycled products and will continue to do so whilst reducing our recycled plastic footprint.  In the new year, Sundance will be doing more to work in partnership with innovators of packaging technology which is made of compostable products and reducing the volume of packaging waste.


  • Stabilizing the Brexit effect.   We will be moving to a 5 days manufacturing and distribution operational structure by dropping Saturday morning deliveries.  Over the course of 2 years since article 50 was triggered, the instability in labour force effected everyone in the hospitality industry.  Providing a higher level of service across the board can only be done with a stable team and with this, we will be able to provide superior service to our client base.  With this goal in mind, Sundance will be doing deliveries starting from Sunday evenings to Friday afternoons.   This will be effective as of January, 2019.


  • Delivery Slots and Ordering. In addition to reducing our delivery days from 6 to 5 days (Monday to Friday from Monday to Saturday), we are transitioning to night time and day time deliveries. Night time runs will be dispatched from 9pm to 11pm and orders will need to be placed by 6pm. For these deliveries we will need access to the sites.   Special juice production cutoff times irrespective of the run time will be at 12pm.  Retail orders cutoff time will be at 9am.  Daytime deliveries will be dispatched from 7am and will be delivered until 3pm.   This will be effective as of January, 2019.


As Sundance continues to strives to be more sustainable, we are looking forward to working very closely with our clients to provide superior service whilst doing our part to have a positive Environmental Impact.


All the best from your Sundance Team